Quality of service

ATOLL Marbled Glass has been
created for one purpose, to bring
a fabulous extra dimension to any

OUR PROMISE is to work alongside our clients at every stage, to jointly realise the potential of your ideas.

We will discuss exactly what it is that you want, and make sure that everything is delivered to you on time.

Your eventual satisfaction drives everything that we do.

We are based in Whitstable, Kent, and believe in the values of being a British manufacturer, and being a family business.

More than anything, we believe in doing things well, and that is our assurance to you.


How to place
an order

We would be delighted to provide you with an estimate for your project. Please follow the specification guide shown right and take note of delivery lead times etc.

Please feel free to contact us directly on:
T: 01227 275 354
E: info@atollmarbledglass.co.uk

or go to our contact page for more details

We are happy to send you a 150 x 200mm sample for £15, this charge being deducted from any subsequent purchase cost, or refunded upon their safe return.

Please click here to see our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Marbled Glass Samples


We will provide you with an estimate within 24 hours of your enquiry

Lead Times

Please allow 3-4 weeks from receipt of templates.


Due to the individual nature of each piece, there may be some slight colour variation between the sample and the finished glass.

We manufacture ATOLL Marbled Glass upon receipt of one of the following:-

• FULL-SIZED, RIGID TEMPLATES, with no add-ons or deductions. Your client reference must be clearly marked on the FACE of the templates, as well as the particular variety of marbling required. Any cut-outs and socket holes must be precisely cut.

When preparing the templates, please bear in mind that there is a cutting tolerance of 2mm on all sides, and a slight rounding of internal corners for cut-outs etc. Please mark which edges need polishing.

• ACCURATE DRAWINGS, with all sizes, positions of cut-outs etc. clearly marked. Your client reference must be clearly marked, as well as the particular variety of marbling required. When preparing the drawings, please bear in mind that there is a cutting tolerance of 2mm on all sides. Please mark which edges need polishing.

We take no responsibility for errors arising from a mistake or unclear instruction on your drawings or templates.

Delivery: Tailgate delivery, to be checked upon receipt, and signed for. We accept no further responsibility for it beyond that moment.