Atoll (Ãt’ol’)

A chain of coral reefs and rich, watery lagoons, each creating their own distinct pattern visible from space.

ATOLL MARBLED GLASS takes its inspiration from the ancient art of marbling. This art has been transformed through the vision and skill of contemporary British craftsmen into a stunning concept
on glass.

Each piece in the ATOLL range has been individually created and refined, and has the name of a unique Pacific Atoll chosen to remind us of its origins.

Sarah Holliday in Whitstable, Kent, UK on Houzz

Luminous colours ripple through the cool depths, revealing mysterious lagoons and undulating ocean currents.

ATOLL has been conceived with design
professionals in mind, for creative individuals who seek to express something unique.

If something even more exclusive is required, we can create a bespoke colour option of ATOLL Marbled Glass as a one-off, or for an exclusive product range, or to fit a brand concept.

A fabulous innovation
in decorative flat glass.

This design-led concept is aimed at those who desire exclusivity.

Atoll Marbled Glass use in Harvey Nichols re-fit

M50 – HUKA